Jade Folawiyo, Designer in residence 2011 – Photo: Luke Hayes

The Designers in Residence programme at London’s Design Museum is now seeking applications. This year, designers are invited to respond to a brief set up by museum director Deyan Sudjic and relating to the concept of ‘thrift’:

‘It is more difficult to design a product worth £10 than it is to design the same product worth £1000. The limitations of economy require resourceful, inspired and intelligent use of material and processes and a successful project is often a more creative and fully resolved outcome. We invite product, furniture, graphic, spatial or interaction designers to explore the idea of economy and resourcefulness in an object, an environment or an experience for their Designers in Residence 2012 proposal.’

Applications are accepted from designers who have graduated from Higher Education within the last 5 years and are currently residing in the UK.

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Online application form

Website: http://designmuseum.org/exhibitions/2012/designers-in-residence-2012

Source: http://culture360.org/opportunity/designers-in-residence-2012-call-for-entries/